At Bright Tangerine we have designed our matte boxes based on a huge amount of feedback from working professionals. We wanted them to be simple to use, allowing you to more time to be creative. When we design a matte box, we design it to be a valuable investment. We've built them from the best materials we could find, including an exceptionally strong form of carbon fibre, and a hard anodized aluminum. The combination of design and materials makes each matte box incredibly robust and extremely light. As well as being durable, we wanted them to be flexible and upgradable. With numerous unique features and upgrade options, they offer long-term value and reliability.

Upgrades and spare parts are quickly available from our international distribution network, or directly from us. We've also made our products user serviceable by avoiding lubrication. The simple process means there's no need to return the matte box for a service. The combination of readily available spares and user self-servicing means your matte box will spend more time working, and maximize your return on investment. We have products suitable for everything including DSLR, broadcast video, ENG and full-sized production cinema cameras. Conforming to industry standards, you can mount to lenses or rods and use your existing inventory. You can use the same matte box even if you use a different camera.

We've designed them to have the widest field of view possible to cover 4:3 for anamorphic photography, and ever growing sensor sizes. For optimum image quality, we use filter trays that completely seal the filter, and adjustable flags to protect your lens from stray light. Both these features increase contrast and resolution, resulting in improved image quality. Whether you need a dslr matte box, broadcast matte box, eng matte box or a video matte box, we have a lightweight matte box that will suit your needs. We can help you choose the perfect matte box for dslr, matte box for broadcast, mattebox for eng or matte box for video. We use the term matte box as this is the industry standard name. Mattbox, mattebox, and matbox, are all incorrect.

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