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Versatility at its finest

Creating pristine hardware for one of today's most versatile
camera packages. With the demands of cinema, documentary
and broadcast, our new RED DSMC2 accessory line will
provide a vast array of power and connectivity options for
every production, big or small.
Arri Mini Accessories

Exo Skeleton Form Fitting

Well tailored and modular, our Alexa mini accessory
package transforms the camera into a complete
production unit packed with features, indispensible
on a modern set.
Titan Accessories

Rapid Deployment

Paving the way in support and articulation, our new
Titan arm accessories will include 15mm adapters,
fitting monitor mounts and much more.

Quickly interchangable yet strong and robust, these will
fast become essentials for any Titan Arm user.
Black Hole Mini

One Size Fits All

The Black Hole Mini absorbs light and creates a seal
between the lens and matteboxe. Designed with a
snug fit, it is the perfect companion for our Misfit
and Misfit Atom. The Black Hole Mini accepts
lens diameters from 50-114mm.
Misfit Atom Accessories

DSLR Clamp-on Rings

Lightweight yet robust, our lens rings make
DSLR lenses adaptable to modern clamp on
matteboxes and feature an inverted design to
accomodate a maximum field of view.

Soon available in 86mm and 95mm, lenses such
as the Zeiss Otus series are now fully compatible.
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