The journey of a filmmaker is filled with obstacles and problems that steal time from the creative process. Time is a critical resource on set, especially on location when you are racing against the sun. Our aim is to create tools that restore time into your hands.

We’re here to bring fresh ideas to filmmaking, ideas that are better, not just different. Ideas that connect your eyes and hands more closely with your creative mind.

We are Bright Tangerine

Without People You’re Nothing

Joe Strummer

Our Playlist

If you haven’t noticed, our products are named after some of our favourite musicians, artists and historic sites.

Take Joe Strummer, The Misfits and Left Field, Glastonbury for example. We not only want to pay homage to these artists but to also take on their passions and values. Ultimately, we want to be different just like how these artists did.

Feeling inspired? we’ve put together a short playlist of some of our favourite tracks from back in the day.