Our latest collaboration with Canon, the Left Field Cage, forms a load-bearing chassis for the Canon EOS C500 Mark II, removing any physical stress from the camera. Effortlessly move from tripod to handheld shooting with the new Open•UP quick release system.

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Expert Kit


C500 II Baseplate


C500 II Top Plate


Top Handle


LA-V1 Bracket Adapter


Left Field ARRI Dovetail


C500 II Side Plates


15mm Rod Adapter


15mm Drumstix Pair


Assembling the cage

Lift Off with Open•UP

The new Canon EOS C500 Mark II Left Field Cage features our new, patented Open•UP quick release system that lets you slide, lock and vertically release in seconds without any risk of the camera coming off.

The quick release system securely works with any ARRI compatible dovetail, even those that are out of spec. The cage has been specifically designed to let camera operators or assistants effortlessly handle the camera, even when using gloves.

Super-secure to vertical lift-off in seconds with the new patent pending Open•UP quick release system.
The C500 Mark II Left Field Cage seamlessly integrates to become a part of the camera.

Seamless Integration

Invited to work with Canon, the Left Field Cage contours around the EOS C500 Mark II to create a load-bearing chassis, protecting the camera. The complete cage only weighs 1 kg (2.2 lb), making it 30% lighter than the current Canon EOS C200 Left Field Cage.

When using the EU-V2 expansion units or CODEX recorders with the EOS C500 Mark II, the top plate can slide back and forth for better weight distribution and balance.

C500 II Left Field Cage Rside 2 Low centre of gravity for stability Sliding Top &
Bottom plates
ARRI Standard
Dovetail Clamp & Retractable Feet
Rosette for
Side Grip

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