Canon C70 with Leftfield LF C70 lockup BNC™ MoreVersatile 0 LeftField c70 System 2560w 1280h

No Compromise

Every part of the LeftField System is machined from single aluminium-alloy billets to create extremely rigid and lightweight components. Elevating your filmmaking experience with the Canon C70.

c70 top qd

Quick Detach

Mil-spec Quick Detach (QD) Sockets provide a fast way to add a camera strap or tether

c70 helicoil

Helicoil & NATO

All threaded points are stainless-steel helicoiled for added strength, crucial to prevent thread stripping or binding

c70 hdmi

Interruption Free

Lockdown your HDMI cable, preventing the slightest of movements which can cause issues with your video feed.

Rigging the C70 with DP Griffin Conway

Compare Canon C70 Kits

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B4005 0031 Canon C70 Base Kit 01 web

Base Kit


B4005 0032 Canon C70 Advanced Kit 01 web

Advanced Kit


LeftField C70 System - Expert Kit

Expert Kit


Canon C70 Top Plate

B4005 1020 Canon C70 Top Plate 02 web

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Canon C70 Side PlateB4005 1021 C70 Side Plate 01 web

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Canon C70 HDMI Clamp

B4005 1024 Canon C70 HDMI Clamp 01

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NATO Top Handle

B4003 1016 RED Komodo NATO Top Handle 03 web

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Top Bar Bracket

B4003 1022 RED Komodo Top Bar Bracket 02 web

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Standard Baseplate

B4005 0035 C70 Baseplate Standard 01 web

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Dual-Stage DJI Baseplate

B4005 0036 C70 Baseplate DJI 01 web

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15mm Drumstix Pair (9”/22.8cm)

B1252 0010 15mm Drumstix Support Rod 6 15 2cm Pair

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$897 $1357 $1597

Absolutely no compromise has been made in our manufacturing process. Our engineering is focussed on creating products that are both high-performance and enabled with a longer life of service. Combine that with unparalleled level of Bright Tangerine support, and your LeftField Canon EOS C70 System becomes the most reliable and hardworking partnership that any filmmaker could wish for.