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Clamp-on Rings & Donuts

Use your matte box with a wide range of lenses and protect your image from light reflections

Tailored Fit

Lenses come in all shapes and sizes so to give you maximum light protection we have a range of rings and rubber donuts to suit.

clamp on ring
Clamp-on Rings
threaded donut ring
Threaded Donut Rings
black hole
Black Hole
rubber donut
Rubber Donuts
threaded adaptor ring
Rubber Donut Adaptor Rings

The lightest and fastest way to mount your matte box without the need for rods or rail support

  • Clip on your matte box directly to the lens without the need for rods or rails
  • Covers lenses with an outer diameter as small as 80mm
  • Available in a wide range of outer sizes (114mm, 143mm, 150mm, 162mm)
  • Convertible to a rigid ring
  • Variants available specifically for ENG lenses
  • Lightweight build from high-grade Delrin
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Designed to be used with stills glass like Canon L & Sigma ART lenses. The Threaded Donut Rings screw onto the filter thread of the lens to provide an outer clamping area of 114mm.

  • Clip on your matte box directly to the lens without the need for rods or rails
  • Reverse lip design for maximum field of view
  • Available in 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm & 95mm
  • Outer diameter of 114mm
  • Made from lightweight, anodised aluminium
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Universal rubber donut designed to work with a large range of lenses.

  • Complete light seal for square front element, tilt-shift and extending lenses
  • Maintain light seal when tilting the matte box or shifting lenses
  • Available in two sizes, Black Hole (143mm) and Black Hole Mini (114mm)
  • Black Hole (143mm) contains retaining ring to mount 138mm round filters
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B1250.1076 Black Hole V2 on VIV
A flexible bellows style donut available in either 143 – 114mm or 143 – 117mm. Designed to be used with rod mounted or swing away configured matte box.
  • Fast alignment to the lens using swing away configured matte boxes
  • Contains a retaining ring to accommodate 138mm round filters like polarisers and diopters
  • Flexible rubber bellows maintain a complete light seal when tilting matte boxes
  • Bellows moves with lenses that breath when shifting focus or zoom
  • Inner diameter of 114mm can be stepped down with Threaded Adaptor Rings down to 80mm
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B1250.1001 143 114mm rubber donut in VIV

The Threaded Rubber Donut Adaptor Rings attach to the Rubber Donut Bellows to step down the inner diameter to be used with a wide range of lenses

  • Available in a wide range of sizes from 80mm to 110mm
  • Constructed from lightweight high-grade Delrin
  • Easy screw-on mounting
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threaded donut adaptor

What size do I need?

Need to find your lens size? visit the Motion Picture Lens Database. compiled by Richard Bradbury. To find the right clamp on ring, look for the “front diameter” of the lens.
Here’s a list of some of the most common clamp on rings and their compatible lenses:
85mm: Celere HS Primes, Tokina 100mm Cine Macro, Fujinon MK 18-55, Fujinon MK 50-135
87mm: Cooke Mini S4/i
95mm: Sigma Cine Primes, ARRI Supreme Primes, Zeiss CZ.2 (28-80mm, 70-200mm), Zeiss CP.3, Leica Summilux-C, Summicron-C,
100mm: Schneider Xenon FF
110mm: Cooke S4/i, Cooke 5/i, Cooke 7/i
114mm: Zeiss CP.2, Canon CN-E Primes, Xeen Cine Primes, Tokina Vista Primes, ARRI Supreme Primes, Signature Primes, Angenieux EZ-1 & EZ-2, Zeiss CZ.2 (15-30mm), LWZ.2, Fujinon ZK Cabrio zooms
For a definitive list, always look at the lens manufacturer website or Motion Picture Lens Database.

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