No one likes a heavy camera package that slows you down and is hard to carry and operate.
Take the weight off your camera so you can move faster, shoot longer & get the shot you want.

Drumstix Sterling Titanium Support Rods are like no other rods, rugged, stiff and ultra-light.

B1252 0010 15mm Drumstix Support Rod 6 15 2cm Pair
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B1252 1005 19mm Drumstix Support Rod 9 22 8cm Pair
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Sterling Titanium

To make our Drumstix, our R&D team has tested, developed, and manufactured Sterling Titanium. Like all our products, it was made here, in the U.K. Sterling Titanium is the hardest, lightest, and strongest material to be used to support a camera rig.

With Drumstix, you can film longer, move faster and feel confident about your filmmaking

Lifetime warranty

Won’t snap like carbon or dent in the MAP-2

Titanium element

Less weight to carry on your shoulders

15mm and 19mm rods

Sizes for all cameras & shooting styles Every gram saved with Drumstix, adds extra flight time Become more agile than ever, go handheld more often for an organic feel
Drumstix on Red Camera held high

Shedding Off The Pounds

Rigs are heavy, travelling is arduous, and no one wants to check in their rig at the airport. By freeing up excessive weight, Drumstix lightens your carry-on weight when travelling or filming. That means easier flying, or another lens, a steadier shot, or an extra hour of endurance.

And of course, not having to always replace your support rods will save you £s.

Drumstix Sterling Titanium
Made Great in Britain

15mm & 19mm diameters in a range of lengths Great for travelling filmmakers and owner operators, outlasting any camera A quarter of the weight of stainless steel rods and won't shatter like carbon

The Fine Details

You may think a rod’s a rod, but not all rods are created equal. Here are the exact measurements and physical weights of our Drumstix.

Compared to other stainless steel rods, our Drumstix are a quarter of the weight. What would you rather: Carry deadweight around, an extra piece of kit, or a lighter rig?

You decide.

Drumstix Rods on scales

15mm Support Rods

Size Dimensions Drumstix Weight
Ø15mm – 3˝ 76.2 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm 15g
Ø15mm – 6˝ 152.4 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm 30g
Ø15mm – 9˝ 228.6 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm 45g
Ø15mm – 12˝ 304.8 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm 60g
Ø15mm – 15˝ 381.0 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm 75g
Ø15mm – 18˝ 457.2 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm 90g

19 mm Support Rods

Size Dimensions Drumstix Weight
Ø19mm – 9˝ 228.6 mm x 19 mm x 19 mm 58g
Ø19mm – 12˝ 304.8 mm x 19 mm x 19 mm 78g
Ø19mm – 15˝ 381 mm x 19 mm x 19 mm 97g
Ø19mm – 18˝ 457.2 mm x 19 mm x 19 mm 116g

15mm Support Rods

Size Dimensions Drumstix Weight
Ø15mm – 3˝ 3˝ x 0.59˝ x 0.59˝ 0.03 lb
Ø15mm – 6˝ 6˝ x 0.59˝ x 0.59˝ 0.07 lb
Ø15mm – 9˝ 9˝ x 0.59˝ x 0.59˝ 0.10 lb
Ø15mm – 12˝ 12˝ x 0.59˝ x 0.59˝ 0.13 lb
Ø15mm – 15˝ 15˝ x 0.59˝ x 0.59˝ 0.17 lb
Ø15mm – 18˝ 18˝ x 0.59˝ x 0.59˝ 0.20 lb

19mm Support Rods

Size Dimensions Drumstix Weight
 Ø19mm – 9˝ 9˝ x 0.75˝ x 0.75˝ 0.13 lb
 Ø19mm – 12˝ 12˝ x 0.75˝ x 0.75˝ 0.17 lb
 Ø19mm – 15˝ 15˝ x 0.75˝ x 0.75˝ 0.21 lb
 Ø19mm – 18˝ 18˝ x 0.75˝ x 0.75˝ 0.26 lb
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