Frequently Asked Questions

How many filters can the Misfit Atom hold?2018-09-18T06:36:11+01:00

The Misfit Atom can accommodate up to two 4×4″ or 4×5.65″ filters at the same time.

Does the Misfit Atom come with a french flag or top flag?2018-09-18T06:17:18+01:00

Carbon Fibre Top Flag for the Misfit Atom is available to purchase separately. It comes with the included bracket to attach the top flag to the core.

Will the Black Hole rubber donuts work with matte boxes from other manufacturers?2018-09-18T05:29:21+01:00

Yes, the Black Hole will work with any matte box with a 143mm opening. For matte boxes with a 114mm opening, you can use the Black Hole Mini.

Does the Black Hole work with lenses that extend during focus or zoom?2018-09-18T05:28:43+01:00

Yes, the Black Hole rubber donuts allow for 2 to 2.5 inches of movement.

How do I install the Quick Release brackets on the Titan Arm?2018-09-18T00:12:11+01:00

To use the quick release brackets on the Titan Arm, you will need to swap out the external thread with a 15mm rod adaptor (B3000.1003)
To help with the process, you can follow along with our video guides on our Titan Arm Instructions page.

Can the Clash 138 hold diopters?2018-09-18T00:12:07+01:00

Yes, the Clash 138 is compatible with diopters and are especially useful for anamorphic lenses to reduce the minimal focus distance for close up shots.
Diopters come in varying strengths with +1, +2 and +3 being the common strengths.
When using a +1 diopter, one additional 4×4” or 4×5.65” can be mounted into the frame.
If you are using a +2 diopter, no additional filters can be mounted due to the thickness of the diopter.
A +3 diopter can be used with the Clash 138 using the rubber bellows donut or Black Hole.

What circular filters are compatible with the Clash 138?2018-09-18T00:11:25+01:00

The Clash 138 is compatible with any mounted 138mm round filter, using the Rota Ring.
138mm circular filters are a standard size and are available from a number of filter manufacturers like Tiffen, Schneider, Lindsey Optics & Formatt Hitech.
There are many types of filters available in the 138mm round size, including IRND, ND Grad, linear & circular polarisers.
When selecting a 138mm round filter, make sure to purchase one that is mounted and unthreaded.

What size filters can the Clash 138 accomodate?2018-05-18T08:17:12+01:00

The Clash 138 can accommodate any standard 138mm round filter and up to two 4×4″ or 4×5.65″ filters.

Do the lens supports have horizontal adjustment on the support post?2018-09-18T00:11:58+01:00

The 15mm Studio & 19mm Studio lens supports have a horizontal adjustment of 8mm on the support post.
There is no horizontal adjustment on the 15mm LWS lens support.