Iris Support Rod Standards

Support rods are the foundation of any camera rig. The possibilities are endless from lens accessories like a follow focus to handles, and battery mounts but did you know there are three rod standards.

In this short article we’ll break down the different standards and when you’ll want to use them.

Iris Support Rod Standards

Should I use 15mm or 19mm, LWS or Studio?

different rod brackets on the Misfit Atom Pola+

15mm LWS (Light Weight Support):

This is the most commonly used rod standard. From small mirrorless camera builds to cinema cameras like RED & ARRI packages.

This standard uses 15mm diameter rods, spaced 60mm apart and 85mm from the optical centre.

15mm Studio:

This standard also uses 15mm diameter rods but are set further apart, lower from the optical centre. The rods are also placed at an offset to the right, traditionally to provide better balance for the operator, as the EVF and control panels would be on the left side of the camera.

15mm Studio is mainly used in the West Coast of America, specifically Hollywood, LA.

This standard uses 15mm diameter rods, spaced 100mm apart, 118mm from the optical centre and offset 17.25mm from the optical centre.

19mm Studio:

This standard uses larger 19mm diameter rods which are a lot stronger than the 15mm equivalent. For this reason, they are used for large cinema builds, supporting large lenses and accessories.

19mm diameter rods are spaced 104mm apart and 120mm below the optical centre.