Kasbah Grips

Stay comfortable all day long and perform at your peak with the KASBAH Hand Grip System. The variable density grip provides support and pressure-relief so you can shoot longer and stay focused.

KASBAH Grips Kit

Relaxed Grip

The grips rest perfectly in your hands, relieving muscle tension in the arms and shoulders.

The unique open cell structure is breathable and ensures that air flows freely.

Sweat and moisture wick away so you never have a slippery grip.

Machined, not stamped

Milled from stainless steel, you don't need a whole lot of force to engage the rosettes.

Quick and easy to secure using the knurled knobs, and they won't slip.

There's no complicated mechanisms and you'll never need to overtighten. It only takes half a turn to adjust the grip or arm.

air flows freely around preventing sweaty hands from slipping off

Switch it up

Find the position that’s most comfortable for you. Switch between traditional, inverted, high or low in seconds.

The single lock on the bridge clamps securely down on both rods with no risk of slipping and eliminates any play.

Quickly adjust the position on the bars without having to juggle the camera rig.

Available in 15mm LWS/15mm Studio or 15mm LWS/19mm Studio.

What is KASBAH

With a unique and intricate open cell structure, KASBAH provides unparalleled comfort.

Customisable on a microscopic level, multiple density zones can be added to any shape imaginable.

Travel Friendly

Go from one location to the next with ease. The hand fold up so that they can easily fit into any bag without taking up too much room.

And if you need even more space, there’s the option to competely detach each section using the rosettes.

KASBAH Shoulder Pad

Enjoy further comfort with the KASBAH Shoulder Pad.

The KASBAH pad molds around you to keep everything in balance. Providing essential support while relieving pressure on sensitive tissue.

multiple density zones
in a single pad