We know that each filmmaker has different needs, which is why our LeftField C70 System can be adapted to any situation. With a range of accessories, you can customise your rig to fit your exact needs.


Excel with your Canon C70

Removing distractions when filming with your Canon C70, with a dependable system that lets you focus on the art of filmmaking. With the reliable LeftField System, you can have the freedom to create unique camera builds that work for you.

Personalised Camera Builds

The LeftField C70 System provides the perfect building blocks for your camera builds. The baseplate, top plate & side plate form a rigid cage around the body, so you can easily mount accessories using the NATO rails and helicoil reinforced 3/8” & 1/4” threads.

Speed Up Transitions Between Setups

Say goodbye to the hassle of breakdowns and easily switch to handheld to gimbal mode with the DJI RS 2 & RS 3 compatible dovetail. Seamlessly transition between filming styles to capture the perfect shot in an instant. No need to waste precious time taking apart your gear.

switch between handheld, tripod & gimbal in an instant

Vertical Lift Off

The Open•UP quick release system allows you to slide, lock and vertically release in seconds without any risk of the camera coming off. This patented design works securely with any ARRI standard dovetail, even if they're not on spec.


Ensure a reliable, time-saving connection from your Canon C70 to your monitor or EVF with the adjustable HDMI clamp. Say goodbye to your monitor woes - this heavy-duty mount can take on more than 30kg of force and will help keep you shooting uninterrupted.

Adaptable to any situation

Whether you need a sliding top handle or top mounted 15mm rod support, this system has got you covered. And when you need to strip things down for a more compact setup, it's nimble enough to handle anything.

Handy Strap

Stay agile in rapidly changing scenarios with Quick Detach (QD) sockets - a secure connection for attaching straps and anchors.

Secure Fit

To create a secure connection, 1/4” & 3/8” threads are reinforced with stainless steel helicoil inserts. These provide a secure and reliable fit, eliminating any risk of stripped threads.

Find Your Balance

Achieve optimal balance when operating your Canon C70 with the sliding top handle. Slide the top bar to find the center of gravity for steady shots and smooth movement.


LeftField C70 System