Unlock the full potential of your Sony FX6 with the LeftField System. Engineered to deliver a whole new filming experience.


Confident Filmmaking

Eliminate any movement in your camera build for reliable operation.

Rigid support for the LCD mount, body and handle will boost your confidence to move freely as you film.

Smoothly transition between setups with a quick release baseplate.

Improved Camera Handling

Instantly enhance your LCD monitor's ergonomics and handling efficiency with the Mini Axl mount.

Enjoy easy adjustments and greater articulation to position the screen for greater comfort without sacrificing speed.

Sag-Free Loupe Support

Keep your shots sharp and crisp with the FX9 Loupe.

The Mini Axl provides extra stability, so you'll never have to worry about it sagging or dropping during shoots from the extra weight.

The enhanced range of the mount lets you position the loupe at an ideal distance effortlessly.

now your brilliant fx6 can be more than brilliant.

Sony Pro Ambassador Alister Chapman shares a comprehensive overview of the LeftField System for the Sony FX6.

Travel Friendly

Protect your monitor on the go with the Mini Axl. Stow away the monitor, keeping it safe from knocks and bumps that may occur during travel.

Minimising the camera profile, making packing into camera bags easier than ever.

Cables Management Built-in

Keep your rig tidy with the easy-to-install cable hook.

Safely secure the LCD cable to prevent snags when adjusting the monitor.

Clean Builds

Easily assemble the perfect setup for your Sony FX6 with the NATO Cheeseplate.

Ideal for mounting wireless transmitters, audio accessories and more - all while keeping it clean & clutter free.

Rock Solid

Strengthen your Sony FX6 with a secure brace, adding stability and durability to the top handle.

Secure Fit

To create a secure connection, 1/4” & 3/8” threads are reinforced with stainless steel helicoil inserts. These provide a secure and reliable fit, eliminating any risk of stripped threads.

Handy Strap

Stay agile in rapidly changing scenarios with Quick Detach (QD) sockets - a secure connection for attaching straps and anchors.

Find Your Balance

Achieve optimal balance when operating your Sony FX6 with the sliding top handle. Slide the top bar to find the center of gravity for steady shots and smooth movement.

Vertical Lift Off

The Open•UP quick release system allows you to slide, lock and vertically release in seconds without any risk of the camera coming off.

This patented design works securely with any ARRI standard dovetail, even if they're not on spec.

Create a Stable Platform

With the filler plate, you can replace the stock handle with a central NATO rail with additional mounting points, ideal for top handles and gimbal plates.

Mounting the monitor can be achieved using the 8T Adaptor and the Mini Axl, creating a compact stable camera build.


Lens Adapter Supports

Our lens adapter supports allow you to use heavier cinema-style lenses on the Sony FX6, ensuring no movement of the adapter that can cause back focus & image quality issues.

Our selection features supports for Metabones & Vocas adapters.

Vertical Filming

Unlock new possibilities in vertical filmmaking with the Portrait Cheeseplate.

The plate facilitates maximum functionality without any compromise on usability or ergonomics when rotating the camera.

Pairing it with the Portrait Spacer also maintains proper 15mm LWS heights for rod mounted accessories.

Sony FX6 System