LeftField V-Raptor System

The LeftField V-RAPTOR System offers an unbeatable balance between portability, flexibility and durability so you can be ready for any filmmaking challenge.


No Distractions

Let your creative process drive the decisions you make on set. With a reliable system, you can stay focused on what really matters.

That's why we've created the LeftField System, a comprehensive camera support system that always performs when you need it.

Vertical Lift Off

The Open•UP quick release system allows you to slide, lock and vertically release in seconds without any risk of the camera coming off.

This patented design securely works with any ARRI standard dovetail, even if they're not on spec.

You can trust our products to work flawlessly time and time again

Unparalleled Safety

Mechanical failures can happen. To prevent any chance of failure, we've included multiple safety mechanisms so you can continue working.

And if things do go wrong, we’ll be ready to help out and get you back up and running.

Don’t Waste
Another Moment

Get the most out of your A CAM, moving between setups without wasting time swapping out dovetails and plates.

With our interchangeable system, you can transition to a gimbal in no time, with options for the DJI Ronin 2, Freefly Movi & Manfrotto.

Built for Speed

The quick-change dovetails let you swap out equipment in seconds. They can be preconfigured with top handles, gimbal mounts and more with a wide range of 1/4" & 3/8" points.

For inverted or underslung setups, the top plate can be securely docked to the dovetail or an ARRI standard balance plate.

Plays nice with others

The design allows for maximum compatibility with official RED and third-party accessories.

15mm rods mounted on the Top Bar Bracket pass over the RMI, providing a secure mount for lens motors or an electronic viewfinder (EVF) mount like our Axl.

The monitor can be placed on the top handle or other desired location using the relocator mount.

Do It Your Way

No two days are the same. The versatility of the system makes it a suitable for any kind of shoot.

The cage is highly compatible with all of our brackets, Kasbah support and third-party accessories, so you can configure it to your exact requirements .




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