The Perfect Partnership

B4002 1008 RED Komodo Left Side Rail Side Plate web

Helicoil & NATO

All threaded points are stainless-steel helicoiled for added strength, crucial to prevent thread stripping or binding.

B4002 1007 RED Komodo Top Rail QD web

Quick Detach

Mil-spec Quick Detach (QD) Sockets provide a fast way to add a camera strap or tether

B4002 1024 RED Komodo DJI Dovetail 02 web

Gimbal Ready

Specifically designed for gimbal use, release the top stage and go straight to the DJI RS 2.

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LeftField Lens Adapter Supports

Remove any unwelcome flex or play when using third‑party lens adapter mounts. Our supports create a 4‑point harness to provide a completely rigid mount with options for Vocas, Kippertie, Metabones & more.

Securing your adapter is vital to eliminate movement which can cause issues with back focus, lens calibration, and shim configuration.

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B4002 0010 RED Komodo Base Kit Line Up 00



B4002 0009 RED Komodo Essentials Kit Line Up 00



B4002 0011 RED Komodo Advanced Kit Line Up 00



B4002 0012 RED Komodo Expert Kit Line Up 00



Side Rails

B4002 0015 RED Komodo Side Plate Kit 01 web

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Top Rail

B4002 1007 RED Komodo Top Rail 02 web

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NATO Top Handle

B4003 1016 RED Komodo NATO Top Handle 03 web

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Top Bar Bracket

B4003 1022 RED Komodo Top Bar Bracket 02 web

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Standard Baseplate

B4002 0013 RED Komodo LeftField QR Baseplate Standard 01 web

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DJI Baseplate

B4002 0014 RED Komodo LeftField QR Baseplate DJI Zhiyun 01 web

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15mm Drumstix Pair

B1252 0011 15mm Drumstix Support Rod 9 22 8cm Pair

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