Canon C70 with Leftfield LeftField FX6 2560w 1280h Headline FX6 more than brilliant 02 LF FX6 lockup BNC™

Choose your LeftField System

Prepare your Sony FX6 for a wide range of rigging configurations. Start with one of our kits or build your own.

Extra Reach

Position your monitor where you need it. Slide it up and down the rail, pivoting the folding NATO rail for additional height or reach.

Sony FX6 Mini Axl ext
Sony FX6 Mini Axl Rear Mounted web

Flexible Mounting

You can mount the NATO rail on the front or rear 8T points on the Sony FX6 top handle.

FX9 Loupe Support

Adjust your monitor on the fly or securely lock it off with the locking screw. It’s even strong enough to support the weight of the FX9 loupe without sagging. And of course, your horizon will stay level.