19mm 3/8″ Anti-Twist Rod Mount

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Connect this low profile bracket to add an anti-twisting 19mm rod mount to your camera rig. The mount can be rotated to change the orientation of the rod. It can be attached to any standard 3/8” ARRI accessory mount.

  • Provides easy mounting for industry standard 19mm rods
  • Low profile & lightweight
  • Single 3/8” screw with anti-twist locating pins

In stock


This bracket provides a mounting point for an industry standard 19mm rod. It attaches to any 3/8” ARRI accessory mount using the included screw with locating pins to prevent it from twisting loose.

Low Profile Design

A punch-hole design keeps the bracket minimal and low profile, keeping it from blocking other accessories and mounting points. The locating pins can be relocated to match the pin layout for mounting points with only two locating holes.
CNC cut from high-grade aluminium, each bracket is then hard anodised for extra durability.

No Compromises

Absolutely no compromise has been made in our manufacturing process. Our engineering is focussed on creating products that are both high-performance and enabled with a longer life of service. Combine that with unparalleled level of Bright Tangerine support, and your LeftField System becomes the most reliable and hard-working partnership that any filmmaker could wish for.

Additional information

Weight .023 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4.1 × 2.7 cm

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