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Alexa Mini Left Field Sliding Top Plate

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Stay nimble with a low profile quick release top plate for all of your?top-mounted accessories.

• Low Profile
• Slim Design
•?Provides mounting points for Alexa Mini Master System
• Compatible with ARRI MSB-1 Side Bracket
• Dovetail clamp for counterbalance positioning
• 15mm LWS mount

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The Alexa Mini Left Field Sliding Top Plate mounts to the top of the ARRI Alexa Mini camera body and provides a quick release clamp for the Left Field Dovetail Plate to use with a top handle or other accessories.

The top plate has an ARRI standard dovetail clamp which can also be used with the Left Field ARRI standard Dovetail (300mm) or any other third party ARRI standard dovetail to mount the camera to a jib or crane.

Both the Top Plate Core & Dovetail Plate are designed to not obstruct any other accessories attached to the back of the camera body. The Dovetail Plate can slide back and forth for optimal balance when using it with the carrying top handle or any other mounted accessories.

It can also be released quickly to pack the camera down for transport. Also included is a 15mm LWS mount for attaching rods for lens motors or other top mounted accessories like an EVF. The dovetail plate features safety screws to prevent any accidental release.

When the plate is required to stay fixed, the safety screws can be mounted on the right side of the plate to prevent the plate from being able to slide.

The top plate core features multiple 1/4″‐20 and three ARRI accessory mounting points (3/8″‐16). It has mounting points for the left & right side cheese plates as well as the ARRI MSB‐1 side brackets for an extremely low profile setup. The Top Plate core mounts securely to the camera body using the four included screws using a 5/32″?Allen Key.

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