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Axl EVF Mount (Sony) – Base Kit

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This Axl kit contains everything you need to securely connect your EVF with your camera. Each kit comes with one Axl EVF mount, a set of two 15mm (3″ length) Titanium Drumstix and one Axl Adapter plate to suit the Sony DVF-EL200.

  • The 3-Axis knurled locking screw gives you fast and easy adjustment of your EVF with one hand.
  • The Drop-free design of the Axl won’t allow your EVF to flop down, even when completely loosened.
  • Integrated rotation limiters on the tilt adjustment, keep the tightening screw always accessible.
  • Use your Axl with a wide range of EVF’s by adding more adaptors to your kit.
  • The included 15mm Titanium Drumstix rods lend further lightness and strength to your setup.
  • Built with high-grade aluminium & anodised for durability.
  • A minimal and compact design for clutter-free camera builds.

Available on back-order

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This kit comes complete with everything you need to begin using Axl with your precious EVF.

The Axl has been designed and built in the UK to meet the demands of professional filmmakers. It not only keeps your EVF safer and more secure, but it’s also designed to eliminate all the frustration of fiddling and fumbling with multiple screws and knobs, which can take up valuable time on your shoot.

The 3-Axis tightening system on the Axl mount, allows you to easily position your EVF using one, single knurled thumbscrew. While the Drop-free design of Axl won’t allow your EVF or monitor to flop down, even when completely loosened. The rotation is fluid, while limiters on the tilt adjustment keep the orange highlighted tightening screw, always visible and always accessible.

The Axl replaces the stock EVF mount from the camera and includes the required adaptor for the Sony DVF-EL200 when using with compatible Sony cameras like the VENICE, F5 & F55.

Designed and built in UK using high-grade aluminium, which we then anodised for more durability. It’s a lightweight, compact design that enables you to create a beautifully clutter-free camera build.

The addition of a quick-release bracket offers you rapid set-up and break-down of your chosen camera rigs. Compatible with a wide range of adapters for the latest EVF’s and Monitors. Built here, at home, in our own factory in Fleet. This allows us to constantly update the range of standard adapters and even create custom adapters.

It’s a heavy decision, choosing which professional, high-quality EVF to invest in. There’s no better way to protect it, than pairing it with the Axl EVF Mount.

This Axl kit consists of:

B3020 1001 Axl EVF Mount 01 web

Axl EVF Mount

B3020 1003 Axl EVF Adapter Sony 02 web

Axl EVF Adapter (Sony DVF-EL200)

B1252 0009 15mm Drumstix Support Rod 3 7 6cm Pair web

15mm Drumstix Pair

Additional information

Weight .350 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 7 cm


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