Axl EVF Rod Carriage

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The Axl EVF Rod Carriage provides a mounting point for the Axl crossbar.

  • Lets you use a single EVF setup across multiple cameras
  • Provides additional Axl EVF mounting points on a camera setup
  • Light enough to leave on a gimbal or Steadicam setup at only 48 grams
  • Minimal and compact design for clutter-free camera builds
In Stock

In stock


The Axl EVF Rod Carriage provides a mounting point for the Axl EVF Bracket crossbar.

Extra rod carriages can be used to add another EVF mounting point on a camera setup or to use a single Axl on multiple cameras without having to remove other accessories that may be on the 15mm bars.

EVF brackets are normally the first accessory on the rails, followed by lens motors & supports making it time-consuming and difficult to remove without having to dismantle the whole camera setup.

By removing the locking knob, the Axl crossbar can slide out, from the carriage without having to first remove the other accessories. At only 48 grams, it is light enough to stay on the camera setup when using on a gimbal or drone, and the EVF can be quickly reinstalled when required.

Click here to learn more about the Axl Universal EVF Mount.

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Weight .048 kg
Dimensions 2.2 × 4.5 × 8 cm