Canon C70 – Expert Kit (DJI RS 2 & RS 3)

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Prepare your Canon C70 for any filmmaking situation with a rigid cage & steady foundation. Go from tripod, to handheld or DJI gimbal in seconds.

Each Expert kit comes with the Canon C70 Top Plate, LeftField 15mm LWS Baseplate (DJI), Side Plate, HDMI Clamp, NATO Top Handle, Top Bar Bracket, & a set of two 15mm (9” length) Sterling Titanium Drumstix Rods.

  • Versatile mounting options with 1/4”, 3/8”, NATO & QD points.
  • Helicoil reinforced threads to prevent stripping and loosening over time.
  • Patented Open•UP baseplate lets you easily lift off the camera from the dovetail.
  • Lets you move instantly between tripod, handheld & gimbal – Compatible with the DJI RS 3 Pro, RS 3 & RS 2.
  • Adjustable top handle provides a balanced grip.
  • Support for Axl EVF mount, lens motors & other 15mm rod mounted accessories on top of camera.
  • Sterling Titanium Drumstix Rods offer rigid support while being ultralight.
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Form a rigid cage around your Canon C70 with a steady foundation, protecting your camera while speeding up transitions between setups. From here, you can accessorise the camera in any way you like using NATO accessories or directly mounting to the helicoil reinforced 1/4” & 3/8” threads.

With a lightweight build, the cage improves the filmmaking experience for the Canon C70 whether it is being operated in handheld, tripod or gimbal modes.

Each kit comes with the Side Plate, Top Plate, NATO Top Handle, Top Bar Bracket, LeftField 15mm LWS Baseplate (DJI), HDMI Clamp & a set of two 15mm (9” length) Sterling Titanium Drumstix Rods.

It is compatible with the DJI RS 3 Pro, RS 3 & RS 2 gimbals.

No Compromises

Every part of our Canon C70 LeftField system has been machined and hand-finished in our single factory in Church Crookham. The Expert Kit comes with our famous Bright Tangerine Support and the addition of a 5-year warranty.

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