Canon LA-V1 Monitor Bracket Adapter

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Provide a mounting point for the Canon LA-V1 monitor bracket to reposition the LM-V1 or LM-V2 touchscreen monitors on the camera setup.

  • Provides mounting point for the Canon LA-V1 Monitor Bracket
  • Mounts via a single screw to a 3/8″ or with the locating pins to an ARRI accessory mount for anti-twist
  • Small & compact design

In stock


The Canon LA-V1 monitor bracket adapter lets you reposition the LM-V1 or LM-V2 Canon touch screen monitors anywhere else on your camera setup.

The adaptor can be mounted to any 3/8″ or ARRI accessory mount, allowing you to place the monitor bracket in the most suitable position for your shooting style.

The adaptor can also be used with the stock Canon C70 top handle.

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