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15mm LWS Swing Away Arm (Misfit, VIV & VIV 5″)

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This item is a Certified Ex-Demo unit.

Add 15mm LWS swing away support to the Misfit, VIV & VIV 5″ for quick and easy lens changes. This arm attaches directly to the swing away core.

In stock

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The 15mm Lightweight Rod Arm Type 2 has 12.5 mm Vertical movement and is available through the matte box dovetail. An additional fore and rear position of up to 25mm makes aligning your lenses a breeze.

Two individual sets of screws with nylon contact pads securely locks and holds your matte box firmly on your rods.

The 15mm Lightweight Rod Arm Type 2 is the right choice when you need a 15mm lightweight set up and you can use it with lenses as big as 162mm.

It is precision cut from solid blocks of hard anodized billet aluminium for maximum durability and the 15mm bores are reamed with extreme precision to ensure no movement while sliding easily for a lens change.


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