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Left Field 15mm Studio QR Bridgeplate Base Kit

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Set up your camera for 15mm Studio rods with ARRI standard dovetail support. Featuring the patented Open•UP quick release system allowing for vertical lift off and a pair of 15mm diameter, 12″ (30cm) Sterling Titanium Drumstix.


The Left Field 15mm Studio Quick Release Bridgeplate lets you mount 15mm Studio based accessories like a follow focus, lens support and more while providing a quick release base for the camera using an ARRI standard dovetail.

This kit also includes a pair of 15mm Sterling Titanium Drumstix Rods in 12″” (30cm) lengths, the perfect length to fit a number of accessories in front or behind the bridgeplate.

The baseplate uses the patented Open•UP Quick Release system to work with any standard ARRI dovetail to quickly go from tripod to shoulder mount or gimbal. The sliding base also helps to provide optimal balance for the camera operator.

The three-stage lever lets you vertically release, slide and securely lock into place, with safety locks to prevent accidental release.

It is configurable to ARRI and RED standards, by simply rotating the inner plate.

An ARRI standard rosette is placed on the right side of the bridgeplate for mounting handles or extensions.

The baseplate mounts two industry-standard 15mm rods that are secured with the kip lever.

The riser adapter is interchangeable to use the baseplate with other cameras.

Designed to last, the baseplate is machined from a single block of aluminium to handle the most extreme environments.

Additional information

Weight .578 kg
Dimensions 30 × 16.7 × 3.2 cm
Rod Standard

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