LeftField 3 Studio/ARRI BP-8/BP-9 Adapter Dovetail

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Quick release on & off the ARRI BP-8 or BP-9 Studio Bridge Plates when using the LeftField 15mm LWS Baseplate for Sony VENICE 1 & 2.

The dovetail plate lines up to the mounting screws & locating pins for a reliable & secure mount.

  • For use with B4003.1030 15mm LWS Baseplate for Sony VENICE 1 & 2
  • Compatible with ARRI K2.0031436 BP-8 or K2.0031435 BP-9 Bridge Plates
  • Sets camera to correct optical height for 15mm Studio or 19mm Studio configurations.
  • Safety stops prevent accidental release
  • Helicoil reinforced threads prevents stripping and loosening over time

In stock


This dovetail is designed to match the mounting screws on the ARRI BP-8 & BP-9 Studio Bridge Plates, setting the camera at the correct heights & offsets for 15mm Studio & 19mm Studio configurations.

Using the LeftField baseplate, the camera can snap on/off the bridge plates for fast transitions between setups


The dovetail mounting holes line up to the two screws and locating pins on the ARRI studio bridge plates. When using the BP-9 for 15mm Studio setups, the optical center is offset for correct placement.

The extended length offers fore/aft adjustment for optimal balance on the bridge plates.


The middle of the dovetail also features a row of 3/8″ & 1/4″ to mount the dovetail on other accessories like tripods & jibs.


Machined and hand-finished in our single factory in Church Crookham from high-grade materials. Hard anodised for extended durability. The ARRI BP-8/BP-9 Dovetail comes with our famous Bright Tangerine Support and the addition of a 2-year warranty.

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