LeftField 3 ARRI Standard Dovetails

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Streamline your camera setups with the LeftField 3 ARRI Standard Dovetail. Featuring a strong, lightweight design and 12-24” of travel for perfect balance.

This dovetail has built-in 3/8”-16 & ¼”-20 threads reinforced with helicoils for mounting on a tripod or quick release plate.

  • Combines with LeftField 3 baseplate & bridgeplates or any other ARRI standard clamp
  • Front & back push-button safety releases of travel, available in three sizes – 12”, 18” & 24”
  • Strong & lightweight design utilizing cutouts and helicoil inserts for a secure mount
  • Built-in 3/8”-16 & ¼”-20 threads for mounting to tripods & quick release plates
  • Laser engraved position markings in both metric & imperial units

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Equip your camera setups for seamless transitions between setups with the LeftField 3 ARRI Standard Dovetail with 12" of travel for easy balancing.

It provides an easy-to-mount platform that is lightweight yet robust, featuring a solid aluminium construction with weight-saving cutouts.

The dovetail is available in 12", 18" & 24" lengths.

Metric & Imperial Position Indicators

Improve your work efficiency and accuracy with laser-engraved position indicators in both metric & imperial units. Whether you're an AC or a Steadicam operator, you will be more prepared to make lens changes, knowing exactly where to position your camera for optimal balance.

Safety Releases

The dovetail features both front & rear push-button safety releases. With accessories like lens motors that hang below the level of the baseplate, an easy backward slide provides an easy way to slide off your dovetail without disruption.

Helicoil Reinforced Threads

Easily mount your dovetail onto a tripod quick release plate or other support with confidence, knowing each point is reinforced with helicoils to help avoid any stripping of the 3/8"-16 & 1/4″-20 threads.

LeftField 3 & ARRI Standard Compatible

Streamline your filmmaking experience with the Open•Up system on the LeftField 3 15mm LWS Baseplate or 15/19mm Studio Bridgeplates, allowing you to simply lift off the camera from the dovetail.

The dovetail is compatible with any ARRI standard clamp, and also be mounted directly to OConnor 2600/2575D/120EX as well as the Sachtler Cine 30 fluid heads.

This dovetail has been updated to LeftField 3 and is not compatible with LeftField 2 accessories.

For a complete list of compatible accessories, visit www.brighttangerine.com/leftfield-compatibility

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12" (30.48cm), 18" (45.72cm), 24" (60.96cm)