LeftField 3 KASBAH System – Shoulder Pad Kit

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Designed for all day comfort, the KASBAH shoulder pad conforms perfectly to your shoulder for optimal cushioning & pressure relief.

Mount 15mm rods for battery plates and add the riser on any ARRI standard dovetail for fast & secure transitions between tripod & shoulder operating

  • KASBAH variable density zones for optimal cushioning & pressure relief
  • Open structure for air flow & allows for heat dissipation & evaporation of sweat
  • Attaches to rear of LeftField 3 15mm LWS Baseplate with included bracket.
  • Riser allows for instant transitions between tripod & handheld shooting
  • Compatible with any ARRI dovetail & provides full clearance for baseplate & shoulder pad
  • Supports two 15mm rods to support battery plates & transmitters
  • Extremely durable, water & UV resistant


Next Level Comfort & Airflow

The shoulder pad has been created using Digital Light Synthesis (DLS), a process pioneered by Carbon that uses oxygen-permeable optics & programmable liquid resins to form a unique matrix structure with an infinite number of density zones.

The shoulder pad conforms around the operator, moulding perfectly to the shoulder for a universal fit. The open structure allows air to naturally flow through, evaporating sweat to keep the operator cool.

Made for long days on set, operators will experience a new level of comfort & freedom to move. Extremely durable & sturdy, capable of being used in any extreme conditions, the pad is easy to clean with water and UV resistant.

Faster Than Ever

The included mounting adaptor allows the pad to connect to the rear of the LeftField 3 15mm LWS baseplate with the riser providing clearance when using an ARRI standard balance plate.

The riser features a guided track to align the baseplate with an end stop that provides tactile feedback to the operator that the baseplate is on the riser. The safety wedge prevents the baseplate from sliding off accidentally. Unlike VCT systems, the KASBAH System works on any ARRI standard dovetail removing any flex or play due to tolerances between the wedge & receiver plates.

Going back to handheld operation is as simple as opening up the lever to lift off the camera.

Alternatively, the LeftField 3 baseplate or any other baseplate with an ARRI dovetail clamp can dock on top of the shoulder pad, making it compatible with third party manufacturers.

Battery Plates & Counterbalance

Attaching the rear 15mm bracket extends the mounting options even further. Supporting battery plates and other accessories which also serves as counter balance for larger camera builds.

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