NATO Rotating 15mm Bar

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Add a NATO mounted 15mm bar to your camera setup for use with monitor holders, EVF brackets & more. Using the knurled locking handle, you can adjust the amount of drag on the rod.

  • Industry standard 15mm bar rotates in place with no risk of falling out
  • Drag can be set for on-the-fly adjustment or locked off
  • Attachable to any standard NATO rail
  • Tangerine locking handle can be rotated to always stay accessible
  • Provides a versatile foundation for creating monitor & EVF mounts

In stock


The NATO Rotating 15mm Bar provides a versatile foundation for creating a monitor or EVF mount.

Drop-free & adjustable drag

The 15mm bar rotates in place with no risk of sliding out, and your attached accessories won’t instantly drop when loosened. Using the knurled locking screw, yoy can adjust the amount of drag you need to adjust the rotation on-the-fly, or tighten it completely to lock it into position.

Versatile Rigging

Create your own setup using any 15mm standard bracket, and position the bar anywhere on your rig with its NATO standard clamp. The rotating 15mm bar can be used with any accessory that you want to adjust the position regularly like a monitor, EVF, lights & more.

No Compromises

Absolutely no compromise has been made in our manufacturing process. Our engineering is focussed on creating products that are both high-performance and enabled with a longer life of service. Combine that with unparalleled level of Bright Tangerine support, and your LeftField System becomes the most reliable and hard-working partnership that any filmmaker could wish for.

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Weight .016 kg
Dimensions 3.2 × 4.8 × 8.9 cm

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