Run/Stop Top Rail for RED KOMODO

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Add a NATO compatible Top Plate with Run/Stop connectivity for the RED KOMODO® when using FIZ, handgrips or gimbals. The RED Outrigger handle can be attached on top for a wire-free Run/Stop connection using the pogo pins.

  • 3-pin Fischer port for connecting to FIZ controllers, motors, hand grips & gimbals
  • Features 2x 3/8″, 1x 1/4″ for accessory mounting
  • Wire-free connection for RED KOMODO® Outrigger Handle Run/Stop trigger
  • Helicoil reinforced threads to prevent stripping and loosening over time
  • Integrated NATO rail with spring-loaded safety stops
  • Adds mounting points for LeftField Adapter Supports

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This Run/Stop Top Plate attaches to the RED KOMODO®, providing a secure mounting point for top handles and other NATO based accessories.

Run/Stop Trigger Support

A 3-pin Fischer port provides Run/Stop support for compatible accessories like handgrips & FIZ controllers. This removes the need to add a separate breakout or I/O box for a minimal build. The plate also has passthrough pogo pins, so accessories like the RED KOMODO® Outrigger Handle can be attached on top for a wire-free connection.


Pin 1: Ground
Pin 3: R/S

For cforce mini RF: Connect Cam cable to RS (not Lbus)
For ARRI LCA: Connect CAM to RS with CAM pins 6 and 8 wired to opto switch
For Tilta Nucleus-M: Use 3-Pin Fischer cable #RS-03-AM
For Tiltaing Side handle: Use 3-Pin Fischer cable #RS-TA3-AM3

Helicoil & NATO

When it comes to rigging, you can choose from threaded points or the integrated NATO rail. All threaded points are stainless-steel helicoiled for added strength. Helicoil fittings are crucial to prevent thread stripping or binding. An important factor to consider when constantly changing rig configurations.

Combines with:

The Top Rail can be used with the NATO top handle & 15mm top bar bracket, or any other standard NATO accessories. The rail also provides mounting points for the LeftField range of adapter supports.

No Compromises

Every part of our LeftField Komodo system has been machined and hand-finished in our single factory in Church Crookham. The Run/Stop Top Plate comes with our famous Bright Tangerine Support and the addition of a 2-year warranty.

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