Rota Ring for Misfit Atom Pola+

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The Misfit Atom Pola+ Rota Ring is designed to securely mount a 138mm round filter into the Misfit Atom Pola+ Core.

  • Secures 138mm round filters
  • Rotating lever
  • Supports polarisers and diopters (up to +2)

In stock

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The Rota Ring for Misfit Atom Pola+ is used to mount a 138mm circular filter like a polariser or diopter in the Misfit Atom Pola+. The Rota Ring clamps onto the filter securely with a nut and bolt.

When the filter is mounted into the Clash 138mm the lever on the Rota Ring provides easy access to rotate the filter.

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 14.3 × .8 cm
Matte Box Compatibility

Filter Size

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