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Titan Support Arm (Slate Grey)

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The Titan Arm is a unique support articulating arm with its self-supporting feature. Capable of supporting up to 8kg/17lbs to withstand the toughest of all shooting environments.

  • load capacity of 8 kgs
  • Ergonomic kip lever to lock and release the articulated joints
  • Multiple clamping options
  • Patented design prevents over torqueing of joints and reduces wear and tear
  • Built from anodized aluminium and stainless steel for maximum durability

Out of stock

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The Titan Arm is a product that is engineered to solve multiple problems. Our patent pending design gives you multiple clamping options and the highest load capacity of 8 Kgs.

The ergonomic kip lever acts as the central locking system, allowing you to simultaneously lock or release all the three articulated joints.

You can effortlessly change the position of your equipment, modify the angle or height and provide you with several options.

The Titan Arm has been designed to counter the over-tightening of joints and thereby reduce the wear and tear thereby ensuring longer product life span.

We have also provided for active feedback as you lock it, reassuring you when your device is secured.

This product is built from anodized aluminium and stainless steel for maximum durability.

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Weight 0.57 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 7.5 × 3 cm

Slate Grey

3 reviews for Titan Support Arm (Slate Grey)

  1. Edward Lui

    Noga what? It’s a Titan Arm, my AC’s never complained when using these, other than it can be tight when left not loose at the end of a shoot. A true testament to how strong these are. We use these to hold up client monitors on a C-stand, through to holding focus monitors for a 1st AC whilst shoulder mounting a camera. Along with a super clamp, you can mount lights too, with the flexibility of additional mounting options, you can change these to suit the way you work too. We have two in our arsenal, something we do not leave behind in the kit room.

  2. Brian Troy

    This arm is a beast. With the ability to hold 17lbs you’re able to support many accessories, including cameras like the C300mkii (depending on the situation). I bought this because I wanted an arm that could hold a decent amount, that was reliable, and versatile. I added a nano clamp to the 3/8″ end and I’m able to attach it anywhere. I use it a lot with my Cineo Matchbox and attach it to c-stands, ceilings, or wherever I can securely clamp onto something. It’s with me on every shoot and has been extremely helpful in tight spaces.

  3. Austin Sabado

    I’ve had my titan arm for two years and it still feels and looks brand new. It’s reliable and very sturdy. I mainly use it to hold 7 inch monitors but it can hold heavier items. I can’t believe how strong this arm is. Looking forward to using it more!

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