Titan Arm Instructions
Titan Arm Instructions2019-02-13T23:52:03+01:00

To prevent the Titan Arm external threads from coming undone, Bright Tangerine uses best practices in applying Loctite Threadlocker to secure the components, ensuring the external threads do not come undone due to vibration. The removal of threadlocker is a simple process but requires the application of heat to the applied area. This can be with a heat gun, 1500w hair dryer or a jet windproof lighter.

Removing the Titan Accessories

Removing the ¼” External Thread
Removing the ⅜” External Thread
Removing the 15mm Rod Adaptor

Installing the Titan Accessories

Installing the ¼” External Thread
Installing the ⅜” External Thread
Installing the 15mm Rod Adaptor