We sat down with Michael Lindsay to learn more about his latest project for ‘Infringe’ magazine, documenting the life of Walied. A barber in Cape Town, South Africa who has left his past as a former gang member, setting up a barber shop in his home to provide for his family.

Michael shares the challenges of filming in a risky environment, as well as the reasons behind some of the creative decisions behind the film.

Until the Day I Die

How barbering helped Walied leave the violence of gang life

Film + Words: Michael Lindsay
Special Thanks to Walied Sholtz & Colin Barends

Early this year INFRINGE visited a remarkable barber called Walied. Walied lives and works in one of the top gang killing zones in the whole of South Africa. An area so plagued with killings that currently the Army has, controversially, been called in to try and suppress the escalating violence. Over 2000 people from the Cape Flats population have been killed in the last 7 months. Despite the overwhelming odds against him, Walied has amazingly managed to navigate his way out of direct gang-related activity into a simple home run barbering business that functions as a positive force both for him, his family and close community! Walied believes that without his passion for hairdressing he would probably be dead today and that the unique positive qualities of barbering have allowed him a violence reduced life in a gang dominated world.

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