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Hand Stitched

Real Leather

No two pieces of leather are alike. 
Our tape measures are hand made by master craftsmen
using discreetly embossed leather and bound together
perfectly with an intricate stitching pattern to ensure
maximum durability.

Inspired by the vintage tape measure styles from the
early 20th century, we have combined the best of the old
and the new to give you a product that spells
elegance and functionality. 

Brass Winder

Flip Out Winder

We have used a highly durable
brass winder which draws the tape
back into the leather casing. The winder's 
flip out mechanism allows for an easy and
quick winding of the tape.

The brass winder combines tastefully with
the embossed leather casing, giving it a
classic vintage attitude.

Stronger Tape

Easy Reading Marking

Our tape is made from fiberon which makes it
significantly stronger than normal tape measures
and prevents it from stretching out over time to provide
maximum durability of the tape and accuracy in the markings.

We have used imperial and metric markings on our tape
and a classic easy to read font for easy reference.

Reinforced Tape Hook

Thicker Metal Gauge

Stability is critical while
taking measurements, so 
we have equipped your tape
measures with a stainless steel
hook that perfectly latches to the
tape and seamlessly binds together
with a thicker metal gauge.

Two Classic Colours