Save with our certified ex-demo units

Just as juicy on the inside, our ex-demo units offer incredible value.

It’s never a good idea to let something go to waste, so instead of a perfectly functional piece of gear collecting dust, we’re making them available to provide our customers with a more affordable option.

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What is ‘certified ex-demo’?

We keep a high standard of quality for all of our products at Bright Tangerine. Each piece of equipment that we ship needs to meet certain criteria before it can leave our workshop.

Sometimes, a piece of equipment will be perfectly functional but may have cosmetic imperfections due to being a return, ex-display or display model so we can’t sell it as brand new.

  • Products sold as ex-demo may have been used, returned, or repaired.
  • Cosmetic imperfections and signs of use may be evident.
  • Each certified unit is examined by our service team and tested.
  • Includes Bright Tangerine’s comprehensive warranty
  • Sold exclusively, direct from Bright Tangerine
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