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“…What we like about this cage is the extremely robust build quality, we rent our C200 a few times a week and feel like this cage system offers the best protection vs function vs price…” – Canon C200 Left Field Cage

Daniel De Silva, Cloakroom Media

“…My primary work is with camera vehicles so having a matte box without a fixed sun hood greatly reduces wind drag at high speeds and the addition of a circular polarizer to dial down window reflections really makes this product a winner…” – Clash 138

Jan Schuster, Mile End Media

“…The Clash is a game changer when using large-diameter anamorphic lenses. I love that I can place a 138mm diopter or pola, as well as two 4×5.65 filters in a very compact, light-weight, clamp-on style matte box…” – Clash 138

Mark LaFleur, Old Fast Glass


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Bright Tangerine

Matthew Longbottom
Matthew Longbottom
15:56 11 Jan 19
I love Bright Tangerine gear and the customer service from these guys is exceptional. Currently using the Left Field Cage for C200, Titan Arm with quick release, Revolvr Atom and Misfit Atom. These are all high-quality, well designed products that are a real pleasure to use. When I've needed to reach out to Bright Tangerine support, they have been super-responsive and very professional to deal with. I can thoroughly recommend their gear and the support they provide.read more
DC Chavez
DC Chavez
20:05 10 Jan 19
This company produces some of my favorite accessories in the cinema world. Rob is always super helpful whenever I have any questions about the products. Really great to have someone from the company local to LA. Can't recommend them enough!
vance burberry
vance burberry
23:58 08 Jan 19
I own much Bright Tangerine equipment, Matte Boxes, Follow Focus, Baseplates etc. I find the gear beautifully designed and very functional. It's also extremely durable which is a must in a professional environment. The designs are really well thought out especially functionality for the DP and camera assistant which is so important in the fast paced world of film production. Beyond this the customer service is superb, dealing with Bright Tangerine reps is a joy, many companies could learn a lot from them.read more
Weston Walker-Knoblich
Weston Walker-Knoblich
21:59 08 Jan 19
Rob was awesome. When I had trouble with my MisFit he sent a bunch of options and parts to try out. He was dedicated to finding a solution that worked for our production company.
Alex Safdie
Alex Safdie
02:32 22 Dec 18
Bright Tangerine for life! Top notch products and the customer service is excellent. Rob will take care of you and make you feel apart of the extended BT family.
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