Installation guide for RED KOMODO Canon 0.71x Expander Support

komodo lens adapter support 02

The RF mount on the Komodo is a sprung mount system, and relies on small springs inside the mount to pull the adapter into the right place.

If the adapter support is installed incorrectly, it can result in the lens adapter being pushed or tilted in the wrong direction, which can result in focus and other optical issues.

B4002 1026 RED Komodo Canon Support 02 web
B4002.1026 RED Komodo Canon RF 0.71x Expander Support

The following installation sequence must be followed in order to ensure that the adapter is supported correctly on the camera body.

B4002 1026 RED Komodo Canon 0 71x Expander Support label
Canon 0.71x Expander Support

Required Tools

You will need to use a 2.5mm Hex Key.

A – Mount Screw – M3x10mm – 2.5mm Hex
B – Support Screw – M3x6mm – 2.5mm Hex

Installation Steps

Step 1

Prepare the RED Komodo with the required plates. Ensure all the plates are secured and tight.

Step 2

Install the Canon adapter into the camera, allowing it to twist onto the camera body and click into place.

Step 3

Present the support to the Canon adapter. Using the 2.5mm hex key, mount the shorter support crews (B) into the mounting holes on the adapter but do not tighten fully

Step 4

Insert the longer mount screws (A) and secure the adapter to the side & top plates.

Step 5

Tighten up the mounting screws (A) finger tight, and then tighten all screws fully using a criss-cross pattern, including the support screws.

Step 6

To remove the support. First, loosen the mounting screws (A) before loosening the two captive screws (B) on the bottom of the adapter.