NATO Top Handle (F/B)

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Add a perfectly balanced carrying handle to your camera with the NATO Top Handle (F/B).

This top handle is compatible with NATO rails and offers forwards and backwards adjustment to find the perfect balance point for your camera.

  • Easily and quickly adjust the balance of your camera
  • Mounts onto any standard NATO rail, secured with 4mm Hex key
  • Multiple accessory mounting points, including cold shoe, 1/4” & 3/8” anti-twist points
  • Integrated Quick-Detach (QD) points for attaching a camera strap
  • Reversible to enable a change of accessory mounting layout
  • Support for Top Bar Bracket to add 15mm rod support for EVF mount or focus motors

In stock


The NATO Top Handle (F/B) is a great way to add more stability and security when transporting your camera, compatible with any standard NATO rail.


The handle bar allows for a wide range of forwards & backwards adjustment so you can find that perfect balance point for your camera setup. Simply unlock the bar using the lever and lock it in your desired position. Two safety stops prevent it from sliding off completely.


Mounting accessories is easy with multiple threaded points, Quick Detach (QD) sockets for straps and a cold shoe mount.

With the B4003.1022 – Top Bar Bracket, you can add 15mm rod support to mount an EVF or FIZ motor.


Absolutely no compromise has been made in our manufacturing process. Our engineering is focused on creating products that are both high-performance and enabled with a longer life of service. Combine that with an unparalleled level of Bright Tangerine support, and your LeftField system becomes the most reliable and hard-working partnership that any filmmaker could wish for.

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Dimensions 15 × 3.4 × 6.7 cm

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