Sony FX6 Cable Hook

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Keep your Sony FX6 monitor setup clean and tidy with the Sony FX6 Cable Hook. An essential upgrade for any FX6 owner which prevents the cable from getting snagged when stowing away the monitor or repositioning for a better view.

  • Keeps your Sony FX6 rig clean and tidy
  • Prevents cable from getting caught or snagged when stowing away or repositioning
  • Easy to install in seconds
  • Constructed from high-grade materials for durability

In stock

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Introducing the Sony FX6 Cable Hook, an easy way to manage the FX6 LCD monitor’s cable for a clean rig.


This easy to install replacement for your original cable cover will keep the cable from getting snagged when you stow away your monitor, or are just repositioning it for a better view.


To install the cable hook, you will require a small Philips screwdriver. First, remove the original cover by undoing the screw on the side. Place the cable hook onto the monitor and secure with the longer M2 screw provided.

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