Misfit Atom

To create the lightest matte box possible, we stripped it down to the core. Almost weightless, the Misfit Atom gives you more possibilities than ever before.

When someone passes you the gaffe tape and a filter, say no.

misfit atom light
Ultra-Lightweight & Compact
Designed for
3-Axis Gimbals & Steadicam
2 stage
Stack up to two filters
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misfit atom
Tilt bracket

A flare for design

Tilting filter trays

Why put up with unwanted filter reflections? You don’t have to, and with Misfit Atom it couldn’t be easier to remove them. Simply place the filters in the diagonal position and the problem is gone.

“What I really like about the Misfit Atom is it’s really easy to use and easy to pack down”

– Brian Troy

B1230.0013 Misfit Atom Kit 3 1 Assembled

Light on your pocket

Heavy on features

If you want to be even lighter, you can detach the shade, and just use the filters. The shade detaches in seconds. The clamp is 114mm, and you can connect to virtually any lens with our range of Misfit adaptors. You can rod-mount to 15mm LWS, 15mm and 19mm studio rods, and it’s comparable with many Misfit accessories.

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Don't sacrifice your image quality for weight. View the complete range of Misfit Atom Kits and accessories.
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User Reviews

Review by Brian Troy

Review by Kelly Conlin

Compatible Filters4×4″, 4×5.65″
Maximum FiltersUp to two 4×4″, 4×5.65 or a combination of both
Clamp Diameter114mm
ConstructionPrecision cut and hard anodized aluminium, elasto polymer and stainless steel
WeightFrame – 98g

Frame and Rubber Sunshade – 195g

Misfit Atom in the field.

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