The Misfit Kick is a versatile matte box for all types of filmmaking and setups, accommodating 4x5.65” filters, with interchangeable clamp adapters to suit a wide range of lenses.

Misfit Kick Kits

Easily switch between two and three stages

The Misfit Kick has a hidden third filter stage called the Reveal Stage. You can easily expand the matte box to add a third filter tray using this patented feature, allowing you to get more creative with your looks. After finishing, collapse the Reveal Stage to increase your field of view.

Eliminate Vignetting with Frame Safe

Clip on your matte box with our Frame Safe clamp adapters, available in a range of diameters from 80 to 143mm.

Our rectangular cut-outs in the clamp adapters provide a wide field of view that eliminates vignetting, even when using wide lenses with large format sensors. Additionally, these adapters are designed for quick and easy changes.

Our 15mm LWS & Studio brackets can be used to configure each clamp adapter for rod support.

Quick-Release Top Flag

Cut out flares and protect your glass from the elements with the updated carbon fibre top flag.

The Misfit Kick Mk II now has a new mounting mechanism for the top flag that allows for quick and easy installation within seconds.

The flag has wings on both sides that provide extra coverage, and it can be folded down to protect your lens during transport.

Experience reduced fatigue while operating handheld and improved image clarity when rigged on a vehicle.

Swings away for fast lens changes

Set up your Misfit Kick in a Swing Away configuration to easily and quickly change lenses.

The matte box can be angled using the compatible tilt bracket in order to eliminate reflections.

Compatible with ARRI

The Misfit Kick can be used with ARRI accessories, allowing you to repurpose older inventory and give it a new lease on life.

It is compatible with ARRI clamp adapters, filter trays, support consoles, and hard mattes. Accessories designed for the Misfit Kick can also be used with the ARRI LMB 4x5, LMB-25, LMB-15, and LMB-5 matte boxes.

Add a Rota Pola, Variable ND & Diopter holder with the ONE Tray

Enhance your Misfit Kick with the ONE Tray, a versatile filter tray that serves multiple purposes such as Rota Pola, Variable ND, diopter frame, and more.

The ONE Tray can hold both 138mm round filters and 4x5.65" filters, providing greater options for your final image.

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Compact & low profile

To get rid of flares and ghosting in tight spaces, use hard mattes that are installed inside the matte box for a setup that takes up minimal space.

Film with confidence

The matte box is designed to give you tactile feedback, making it easier for you to operate and make adjustments in fast-paced situations with confidence.

Built for the field

The Misfit Kick is constructed using high-quality carbon fiber, offering a combination of strength and durability that enables it to perform in any environment.

Maximum light protection

For full coverage from every angle, attach the side flags and bottom flags, which come with extendable wings.

Safe & Reliable

A safety loop can be used as a tethering point for a safety wire or lanyard when working in fast-paced environments such as on a tracking vehicle, drone, or jib.

To increase security, you can attach a filter guard to the underside of the sunshade, which will prevent the filter trays from slipping through.

Get Creative with a Four Stages

When you require additional filtration, add the Rubber Donut or Black Hole to accommodate a 138mm round filter.

Great for adding a diopter or circular polarizer, which can be easily rotated to achieve your desired angle.

Vibration Dampening with the Torsion Plate

Enhance handling and performance with the Misfit Kick, powered by the innovative Torsion Plate.

This cutting-edge addition runs the entire length of the flag, effectively absorbing and dampening vibrations that might otherwise impact the setup.

Experience less fatigue when using it handheld and enjoy sharper, clearer images when rigged on a vehicle.

the ultimate matte box for any filmmaking style or setup

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Create Your Setup

Explore the countless options for your matte box with our user-friendly configuration chart.

Find out which accessories are compatible and how they all fit together.



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Discover the full range of matte boxes

Take a look at our complete selection of matte boxes to find the one that best fits your needs.

Our range includes the Misfit Atom & Pola+, which is ultralight and suitable for use with gimbals and steadicam, the versatile Misfit Kick & Kick 360 and the Misfit Six, designed to take 6×6″ filters.

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