Made for filmmakers

The Misfit Kick is an evolution of our matte boxes, future-proofing you for large format and the ever-increasing demands of filmmaking.

With a complete overhaul, it builds upon the original, offering an extremely wide field of view and unprecedented versatility.

The Reveal Stage being one of the biggest drawcards of the original Misfit, converting the matte box from 2 to 3 stages without any tools is now even faster and easier to use while improving on rigidity.

What’s so special about the Misfit Kick?

Every Millimetre Counts

Vignetting in your frame could lead you to make compromises on your film like changing your focal length or removing a filter. This is why we always take care to maximise the field of view for all of our matte boxes.

A 2 stage matte box will always have a wider field of view than one with 3 stages. That’s just physics. The Misfit Kick gives you the flexibility and convenience to add in a third filter and revert back to a 2‑stage matte box to achieve a greater field of view.

Go Beyond

with Frame Safe

B1235 1014 Frame Safe 114mm

Corner Cutouts on Frame Safe Clamp Adapters

Shoot wider than ever before with corner cutouts on each clamp adapter to ensure as much light can enter the frame reducing any possibility of vignetting your image.

Large format sensors are now the norm, combine that with wider focal lengths, big front elements and the need for three filter stages, keeping a clear image free from vignetting can be challenging.

Unlike traditional clamp adapters that are simply attached to a flat plate, our Frame Safe design maximises the amount of light that can enter the frame, especially in the corners of the frame where vignetting commonly occurs, matching the rectangular aspect of current and upcoming image sensors.

Clip directly
onto your lens…

Available in eleven sizes, our wide range of Frame Safe clamp adapters will provide a secure and reliable solution to mounting your Misfit Kick onto your lens. Swapping out clamp adapters only takes a few seconds without the need for tools and will future proof you for ‘The Forever’.

Frame Safe Clamp Adapters Display 2
Search for your lenses

Frame Safe


Hover to see popular lenses for each size or search for a particular lens in our database.

…or mount it any which way you please

A New Life

Upgrading from an ARRI LMB? The Misfit Kick is compatible with the ARRI clamp adapters, rod consoles and filter trays.

If you are a rental house or have an older matte box like the LMB-25, 15 & 5, you can give them a new life with our Frame Safe clamp adapters for extra wide coverage.

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Traditional ARRI clamp adapter and rod support console on the Misfit Kick

Tailored Fit

Filmmaking involves a wide range of scenarios so why should you be stuck with one configuration. It doesn’t matter if you’re an indie filmmaker, run & gun operator or studio production house, the Misfit Kick can adapt to your style with a wide range of accessories to choose from.

B1235 1017 Frame Safe Clamp Adapter 143 copy

Frame Safe Clamp Adapters

Misfit Kick Top Flag

French Flags & Eyebrows

15mm LWS and 15 mm Studio rod support brackets

Rod Support Brackets

Side Flags Open

Side Flags

Misfit Kick Filter Tray

Filter Trays

Hard Mattes

Hard Mattes

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technical specifications

Compatible Filters

4×4″, 4×5.65″, 138mm Circular, 6×4″

Clamp Diameter

Interchangeable Frame Safe Clamp Adapters from 80 to 143mm


Carbon Fibre, CNC Cut Anodised Aluminium, Stainless Steel

Dimensions (LxWxH):

Core: 250 x 180 x 70mm (9.75 x 7.02 x 2.73″)


2-Stage Setup (Core, Two Filter Trays & Top Flag) – 470g (16.5oz)
Frame Safe Clamp Adapters