The Misfit Kick is an evolution of our matte boxes, future-proofing you for large format and the ever-increasing demands of filmmaking.

With a complete overhaul, it builds upon the original, offering an extremely wide field of view and unprecedented versatility.

The Reveal Stage being one of the biggest drawcards of the original Misfit, converting the matte box from 2 to 3 stages without any tools is now even faster and easier to use while improving on rigidity.

Add a Frame Safe Clamp Adapter

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B1251 1045 One Tray small

ONE Tray
(Rota Pola/VND/Diopter)

15mm LWS and 15 mm Studio rod support brackets

Rod Support

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Misfit Kick Reveal Stage@0 5x

Use the reveal stage to instantly add a third filter stage without any additional hardware or tools. Then, revert back to 2-stage mode for a wider field of view.

Misfit Kick frame safe corners@0 5x

Clip directly onto your lenses with our Frame Safe clamp adapters, available in multiple diameters to suit a wide range of lenses. Corner cutouts let you shoot wider than ever, reducing the risk of vignetting your image.

Misfit Kick ARRI compatability@0 5x

Upgrade older ARRI LMB hardware with components from the Misfit Kick. All the Frame Safe clamp adapters, rod consoles, and filter trays are compatible, extending the life of your inventory.

Add the ONE Tray for more creative freedom

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