The ONE Tray for the Misfit Kick & ARRI LMB matte boxes is a multipurpose filter tray that can be used for Rota Pola, Variable ND, diopters & more. It can hold an industry-standard 138mm round filter as well as a 4×5.65″

Create your own filter combinations

There are countless filter combinations that you can set up with the ONE Tray.
Use a combination of polarisers, diffusion, ND & diopters to create your own unique look.

ONE Tray Stills 1 27 1

Rota Pola

Knock out reflections and increase contrast with a 138mm circular polariser that can be operated by hand or a motor.

ONE Tray Stills 2 2 1

Variable ND

Maintain proper exposure and shallow depth of field with a variable ND setup using a 138mm polariser with a 4×5.65″ polariser.

ONE Tray Stills 1 18 1

Diopter Stage

Shift your minimum focus distance for closer focus or macro work with diopters up to +2 in strength.

Recommended Polarisers & Diopters

Search by filter type, strength or brand to narrow down your selection.