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15mm Studio Bracket (Misfit Kick)

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Set up the Misfit Kick for 15mm Studio rod support

  • Compatible with B1235.1002 – 15mm LWS Support Bracket, B1235.1020 – 15mm LWS Swing Away Arm
  • Compatible with K2.0013427 ARRI 15mm Lightweight Support Console

In stock (can be backordered)



Support the Misfit Kick on 15mm rods when using a large camera and lens configuration.

A tool-less 15mm Studio support bracket attaches to either the 15mm LWS support bracket or 15mm LWS swing arm using a 3/8″” lock screw which engages with two locating pins for anti-twist.

The 15mm Studio Support Bracket is also compatible with the K2.0013427 – ARRI LMB 15mm Lightweight Support Console
The bracket has a single lever to lock the rod clamp on both sides, removing the need for a second lever.

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