Splats Life on set is fast paced. Be ready for anything your director throws at you.

Travel friendly, and light enough to handle anything.

Make sure you’ve got one in your bag.
Splats Misfit Atom Pola plus *Misfit Atom Pola+ was previously called Clash 138 $597
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Do it on set with the
Misfit Atom Pola+

There’s no post processing available that can replicate the true interaction of the environment, optics & lights.

No plug-in or editing will be able to replicate the true look of using a filter on set and ultimately, your creative decision-making on set.

Filters are a creative choice. 

With the Misfit Atom Pola+, you can use three stages of filtration. Two 4×5.65″ and a rotatable 138mm round, for a rota pola or diopter stage.
Travel Friendly
Supports 138mm Circular Filters
120-Degrees of Rotation
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Why use a polariser?

Use a circular polariser to remove unwanted reflections, and control glare whilst boosting colours.

Compatible with any 138mm circular polariser, found anywhere around the world.

tree nopolatree pola

Increase contrast and remove sheen from nature.

stevie nopolastevie pola

Cut out glare & reflections.

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Get Closer, Get Detail,

Get The Shot

Take your ordinary lens, and bend light in ways that only you can imagine.

Add a diopter to see incredible details, or use a split to focus near & far and get the impossible shot like Hitchcock.

Clash nodiopterClash diopter
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Go Beyond ND and create something with soul

Some lenses are just not made to focus close.

Switching lenses, changes perspective and tells a different story.

Add a diopter, and remove the limits from your lens.

Smear vaseline & grease over your glass and create an original look, or add a diffusion filter and soften the digital edge.

Alter the digital harshness, and make skin look great again.

Make it look like the greats that we grew up with.

With two 4×5.65″ stages, you can combine your ND with a diffusion filter. There are so many to choose from: Pro Mist, Supermist, Black Frost… the list goes on.

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Clash 138 MPrime with vignette Wide field of view With a large opening, and a design that positions filters real close to the lens, vignettes also become a thing of the past, letting you use even the widest of lenses on a full frame sensor without the fear of port holing or vignetting. Clash 138 MPrime Clash 138 MPrime hood2 w vignette Accommodates large diameter lenses With a 143mm clamp, the Misfit Atom Pola+ can be used on a large range of lenses where others can’t. And just because you’re using a large lens, doesn’t mean you need a bulky, heavy matte box to go along with it. Clash 138 MPrime with hood

The Misfit Atom Pola+ is…

FAST F24 Swap out filters in seconds, saving you time on set. Change diopter strengths or add in a circular polariser with no fuss. FAST The Clash 138 and Drumstix on Red camera Cut down excess baggage with a light, traveller-friendly design that doesn’t take up a lot of space. The indestructible rubber sunshade can be rolled up to take up even less space during storage. LIGHT clash ready The Misfit Atom Pola+ can do it all, be ready for anything the Director throws at you. READY TO BE SPONTANEOUS Jan Schuster - Mile End Media clash-aerodynamic The Misfit Atom Pola+ was born for speed. In the air, or on the track. Giving you a clear shot while moving at a hundred miles an hour. AERODYNAMIC, SECURE & FLIGHT‑READY Chris Benny - Qube Productions

Ultra Lightweight Removable rubber hood 143mm Outer Diameter to fit a large range of lenses All metal construction Splats Splats
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • All metal construction
  • 143mm Outer Diameter to fit large range of lenses
  • Removable rubber hood

Build it your way

Just like all of our matte boxes, the Misfit Atom Pola+ has been designed to be used in a wide range of camera setups, from clip on to rod mounted with optional accessories.

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Clip On 15mm LWS 15mm Studio 19mm Studio 138 Circular Filter
in Rota Ring
4x5.65" PV Filter Two 4x5.65" PV Filters Two 4x5.65" PV Filters
with Tilt Bracket
Clamp On Rings Black Hole Rubber Donut Rubber Bellows Donut Rubber Hood Removed

Designed, tested & built in our HQ, Hampshire, UK. Made Great in Britain
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Compatible Filters4×4″, 4×5.65″, 138mm Circular
Clamp Diameter143mm
Degrees of Rotation120-degrees (Circular polarisers repeat at 90-degrees)
ConstructionAluminum, Elasto Polymer & Stainless Steel
Dimensions (LxWxH):226 x 205 x 60mm
WeightFrame Only – 165 grams/5.8 ounces

Frame with Rubber Shade – 270 grams/ 9.5 ounces

Frequently Asked Questions

How many filters can the Misfit Atom & Misfit Atom Pola+ hold?2019-06-24T12:02:25+01:00

The Misfit Atom can accommodate up to two 4×4″ or 4×5.65″ filters at the same time.

The Misfit Atom Pola+ can also accomodate up to two 4×4″ or 4×5.65″ filters at the same time as well as an additional 138mm round filter like a polariser or diopter with the Rota Ring.

Does the Misfit Atom & Misfit Atom Pola+ & come with a french flag or top flag?2019-06-24T12:37:17+01:00

The carbon fibre top flags for the Misfit Atom & Misfit Atom Pola+ is sold separately from the matte box. Both come with the required bracket to attach the flags.


Can the Misfit Atom Pola+ hold diopters?2019-06-24T12:35:40+01:00

Yes, the Misfit Atom Pola+ is compatible with diopters and are especially useful for anamorphic lenses to reduce the minimal focus distance for close up shots.
Diopters come in varying strengths with +1, +2 and +3 being the common strengths.
When using a +1 diopter, one additional 4×4” or 4×5.65” can be mounted into the frame.
If you are using a +2 diopter, no additional filters can be mounted due to the thickness of the diopter.
A +3 diopter can be used with the Misfit Atom Pola+ using the rubber bellows donut or Black Hole.

What circular filters are compatible with the Misfit Atom Pola+?2019-06-24T12:36:22+01:00

The Misfit Atom Pola+ is compatible with any mounted 138mm round filter, using the Rota Ring.
138mm circular filters are a standard size and are available from a number of filter manufacturers like Tiffen, Schneider, Lindsey Optics & Formatt Hitech.
There are many types of filters available in the 138mm round size, including IRND, ND Grad, linear & circular polarisers.
When selecting a 138mm round filter, make sure to purchase one that is mounted and unthreaded.

What size filters can the Misfit Atom Pola+ accomodate?2019-06-24T12:36:43+01:00

The Misfit Atom Pola+ can accommodate any standard 138mm round filter and up to two 4×4″ or 4×5.65″ filters.

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