Misfit Kick 360 Misfit Kick 360 for the perfectionist

Gain full control over your image with the Misfit Kick 360, featuring larger filter support up to 5.65 x 5.65″ and two independent rotating stages.

Choose your Misfit Kick 360

The Misfit Kick 360 is completely modular, start with one of our kits or build your own.

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Rotatable 360-Degree Stages

Place your filters with precision using the Misfit Kick 360.

Set up a polariser to cut glare or angle a graduated ND filter to match the sky with two independent stages offering a full 360-degrees of rotation.

kick 360 rotated filters
kick 360 tripod

Full Frame & Wide-Angle Coverage

The Misfit Kick 360 supports industry-standard filters including 4×4″, 4×5.65″, 5×5″ & 5.65 x 5.65″ and provides maximum clearance for wide-angle lenses using Frame Safe clamp adapters. This means you can shoot wider without having to worry about vignetting in your image.

Built for field production

Utilising a carbon fibre frame, the 360 is built to outlast the rigors of production. No matter where you are in the World, you can access parts with ARRI cross-compatibility and self-serviceable parts.