The Misfit is our most compact and lightweight traditional style matte box. It doesn’t sacrifice features to stay small either, with interchangeable backs to suit a wide range of lenses, the Misfit can go from a 2-stage to 3-stage in seconds thanks to its patented reveal stage.

Whether you’re going run & gun, mounting onto a tracking vehicle or in the studio, the Misfit can adapt to the situation with a wide range of accessories.

Rugged Carbon Fibre
Light & Compact
Revealing Third Stage
Misfit 114

Style it your way

Being one of our most versatile matte boxes, the Misfit can adapt to your shooting style going from clip-onto swing away in seconds allowing you to set it up just how you need it for each job.

Two to Three Stages in Seconds

The Misfit has it’s own hidden secret, with a twist of a screw, the Misfit reveals its third stage. All that is required is an extra filter tray.

No additional backplates or add-ons. To go back to two-stage, simply remove the filter tray and collapse the Misfit back in, giving you that extra field of view.

Misfit 114

“The Misfit is like a chameleon, it just adapts to whatever I need, when I need it. Put it on rails, swing it away or clamp it straight onto the lens, it just works!”

– Tim Ferrer

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User Reviews

Review by Jason Wingrove

Review by Bob Gundu

Misfit in the field.

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Filter Trays 4×4″, 4×5.65″, 4×5.65″ Rota Tray
Clamp Diameter 114mm or 143mm
Filter Stages Three
Construction Carbon fibre, anodized aluminium and stainlesss steel
Dimensions: 240x175x58mm
Weight Two-Stage including filter trays – 352g (12.4oz)

Three-Stage including filter trays – 388g (13.7oz)

  • B1250 1016 114 95 clamp on ring in Misfit Atom 143 range
  • B1250 1056 143 80mm Clamp on Ring 1 143 range
  • B1210 1007 15mm LWS bracket V1 02 web B1210 1007 15mm LWS bracket V1 01 web
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  • B1230 1005 15mm bracket attachment 02 web B1230 1005 15mm bracket attachment 01 web
    Add to basket
  • B1210 1005 Side Flags Misfit Kick 02 B1210 1005 Side Flags Misfit Kick 01
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  • B1210 1025 MK Top Flag 01 B1210 1025 MK Top Flag 02
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  • b1230.1006   misfit filter guard safety lock   3 2 misfit filter guard 1
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  • misfit glide rail viv glide
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  • B1251.1030 Misfit 4 x 5.65 1 Misfit Filters
  • B1250 1072 114 72mm Threaded Donut Ring in Misfit Atom Threaded Donut Rings All web