ARRI Accessory Mount to ARRI Rosette

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Adapt an ARRI Accessory Mount to an ARRI Rosette for connecting a handgrip.

  • Attaches to any ARRI Accessory mount
  • Allows repositioning of handgrip or handgrip extension
  • ARRI Rosette standa

In stock


If your camera setup does not have any ARRI Rosette mounts, you can use this adaptor to convert an ARRI Accessory mount allowing you to add or reposition the handgrip.

The accessory mounts directly to an ARRI Accessory mount on the Left Field Bridgeplates, 15mm LWS Baseplate, camera side plates.

The rosette accessory can also be mounted onto our line of lens supports, adding extra functionality to the lens supports with a hand grip.

The Rosete adaptor can be used to add even more functionality to our lens supports, saving space on the rails.

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Dimensions 3.2 × 3.2 × 2.4 cm
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