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Canon C500 Mark II – Expert Kit

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Set up your Canon C500 Mark II in a seamless cage for video and cinema production with the Expert Kit. Quickly move from setup to setup without distractions, with optimal balance when shooting handheld or on a tripod using the Open•UP quick release system and form-fitting side plates for maximum rigidity and protection.

Available on back-order

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The Canon C500 Mark II – Expert Kit consists of:

B4005 0006 Canon C500 Mk II C200 C700 Left Field QR Baseplate

Canon C500 II/C200 Baseplate

B4005 0007 Canon C500 ii C200 Top Plate 01 web

Canon C500 II/C200 Top Plate

B4003 1004 Top Handle 3 1

Top Handle

B4005 1005 LA V1 Bracket 01 web

LA-V1 Bracket Adapter

B4003 1009 Left Field Arri Standard Dovetail 300mm 01 web

Left Field ARRI Dovetail

B4005 0008 Canon C500 ii Sideplate Kit 02 web

Canon C500 II Side Plates

B4003 1006 15mm rod bracket 01 web

15mm Rod Adaptor

B1252 0012 15mm 12 pair 2

15mm Drumstix Pair

The Bright Tangerine Expert Kit for the Canon EOS C500 Mark II provides a lightweight handheld and tripod-based support system for the camera.

The baseplate uses the patented Open•UP Quick Release system that will securely mount to any ARRI Standard dovetail, even those out of tolerance, letting you quickly transition between camera setups e.g. tripod to handheld with the Left Field ARRI Dovetail Plate or any standard ARRI dovetail. The camera can be easily positioned on the dovetail for optimal balance.

The baseplate has front and rear rod locks to support 15mm LWS industry-standard rods. By having front and rear locks, two short sets of rods can be used to form longer support, making it easier to transport and pack down.

Also included is the carrying top handle and monitor bracket to reposition the Canon LA-V1 monitor bracket onto the handle or camera cage when using the touch screen monitor.

Designed to match the contours of the camera, all of the ports and buttons remain easily accessible. The camera can also slide in and out of the cage without having to disassemble the cage each time.

The Sliding Top Plate also features an ARRI dovetail standard clamp that provides a quick release for the Left Field ARRI Dovetail Plate. The plate can be used to mount the top carrying handle or other accessories which can be quickly mounted to the top plate and adjusted for optimal balance.

A 15mm LWS rod bracket is also mounted to the top plate for use with lens motors or other accessories like an EVF bracket. Particularly useful for drone and gimbal use.

Connecting the baseplate to the top plate are the left & right side plates which transfer any physical stress from the camera body to the cage and provide stability to the camera setup. The side plates feature multiple accessory points as well as an ARRI rosette for relocation of the handgrip and maintains full access to the camera ports and buttons.
Throughout the cage, 1/4″-20, 3/8″-16 & ARRI accessory mounts are provided for adding any additional accessories like the Titan Arm.

The Canon C500 Mark II – Expert Kit consists of:

Canon C500 Mark II/C200 Baseplate
Canon C500 Mark II/C200 Top Plate
Canon C500 Mark II Side Plates
Top Handle
Left Field ARRI standard Dovetail (12”/300mm)
LA-V1 Bracket Adapter
15mm rod mount
15mm Drumstix Rods – 12″/30.4cm

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 25 cm
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