LeftField 3 19mm Studio QR Bridgeplate – Advanced Kit

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Set up and balance your camera with 19mm rod support with the LeftField 3 19mm Studio Bridgeplate – Advanced Kit.

This kit includes the LeftField 3 19mm Studio Bridgeplate, Studio Adapter Dovetail, LeftField 3 ARRI Standard Dovetail (12”) & a pair of 19mm Drumstix in 12” (30.4cm) lengths.

  • Sets camera to correct height and spacing for 19mm Studio
  • Compatible with LeftField 3 & ARRI standard 15mm LWS baseplates
  • Safe and reliable Open•UP quick release system
  • Mounts onto any ARRI standard bottom plate & LeftField 3 balance plates
  • Adds 19mm rod support


Out of stock


Get a balanced and stable camera setup with the LeftField 3 19mm Studio Bridgeplate, designed to attach directly onto an ARRI standard dovetail. The Sterling Titanium Drumstix provide a rigid foundation to support accessories like matte boxes, follow focus and lens supports.

Vertical Lift Off

Feel secure with our patented Open•UP quick release system, providing the confidence that your camera will remain safely and securely locked off, with no danger of it slipping or falling off.

The lever has three positions – locked, slide & release.

When the lever is in its rearmost position, the bridgeplate locks firmly into place.

Position the lever to the midpoint, allowing you to shift your bridgeplate along the balance plate with ease.

To release the camera, press the safety eject button on the lever and adjust the lever to its forward position.

Easily Balance Your Camera

Improve your work efficiency and accuracy with laser-engraved position indicators in both metric & imperial units. Whether you’re an AC or a Steadicam operator, you will be more prepared to make lens changes, knowing exactly where to position your camera for optimal balance.

The dovetail features both front & rear push-button safety releases. With accessories like lens motors that hang below the level of the baseplate, an easy backward slide provides an easy way to slide off your dovetail without disruption.

LeftField 3 & ARRI Compatible

The LeftField 3 19mm Studio Bridgeplate has been designed to accommodate industry-standard ARRI heights and offsets. It works directly with ARRI cameras, & PCA accessories and is also compatible with the LeftField 3 15mm LWS Baseplate (B4003.1034) using the included LeftField 3 Studio Dovetail Adapter (B4003.1031).

The dovetail is compatible with any ARRI standard clamp, and also be mounted directly to OConnor 2600/2575D/120EX as well as the Sachtler Cine 30 fluid heads.

For a complete list of compatible accessories, visit www.brighttangerine.com/leftfield-compatibility

Bridgeplate Accessory Mounting

The bridgeplate offers a secure and sturdy foundation for mounting accessories on 19mm rods, including lens supports, focus motors, matte boxes, hand grips and more. When you pair our Drumstix rods with the bridgeplate, you’ll get a combination of strength and lightweight performance that can’t be beaten.

The right side features an ARRI standard rosette and the rear has mounting points for the LeftField 3 KASBAH Shoulder Pad.

Standard & Super 35 Support

The inner plate can be set for Standard & Super 35 compatibility on ARRI cameras and accessories.

It includes 3/8″-16 threaded studs and locating pins for mounting on your camera for perfect alignment.

What’s Included:

This kit includes the LeftField 3 19mm Studio Bridgeplate, LeftField 3 Studio Dovetail Adapter, LeftField 3 ARRI Standard Dovetail (12”) and a pair of 19mm Drumstix Rods – 12” (30.4cm)

British Workmanship

Machined and hand-finished in our single factory in Church Crookham from high-grade materials. Hard anodised for extended durability.


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